Friday, 22 July 2011

In & Around Saltwater Coast

Still visiting our block each week and it is amazing how quickly Saltwater Coast has been moving along. Hopefully we will be titled soon. Here are a few pics:

Our block (pity the city view won't last)
Lifestyle Centre
One of the wetlands BBQ areas
Estate entrance

Saturday, 2 July 2011

June Update - Blocks, Bricks & Beds

We've been visiting our block each weekend to make sure progress is being made (not sure what we intend to do if no progress was made...but anyway)...  happy to confirm that things are coming along well!

The final stages of the road are down, just waiting for tar by the looks of it.  Footpaths and Crossovers soon after I guess. The gutters are in, as are the drainage pits every 20 odd metres.  They may just make August after all - so here's hoping!

2 July 2011

And the Hawksburn bricks up the road from us have been cleaned as well, so here's some pics of what they look like as well, for those who are interested!

Cleaned Hawksburn

Cleaned Hawksburn - closeup (iPhone pic)

Aside from that, not a lot else to report. We're thinking about having a floor to ceiling, full wall bookcase in the study, and may need to relocate the power and data points. Shouldn't be a drama with PD.

We also bought a new bed from Snooze 3 weeks ago.  Got 25% off a King Size Sleep-To-Live 400 thanks to their sale (20%) and the PD Rewards program (5%).  We intended to get one for the new house, but couldn't come up with a good reason not to get it now!!  And gee, is linen for King beds expensive!  If anyone wants 'no-pressure' assistance to buy a bed, go and see Lorraine at Snooze in Hopper's Crossing - she's fantastic!