Sunday, 29 April 2012

Week 23 - Summary

Monday 23/4 - Sunday 29/4:

I think it's a finishing line that we can now see... As more of the tasks get crossed off the list, without a commensurate defect list, the time to call the place our own is fast approaching!

All the electrical fit off is now complete, and all in the correct spots.  Only a couple of things left to do:

- 1 of the 2 fluoros in the Garage is missing (they've fitted off a junction box instead).
- Speaker cabling at the rear of the Home Theatre has not been fitted off.  Little holes cut out only.
- 2 downlights blown (1 x ensuite, 1 x home theatre)
- Alfresco has a single flood installed instead of a double

For the amount of electrical stuff we got done, this ain't bad. One niggling issue from the rough in was the location of the light switch for BR3.  Check out the plans I've reposted below showing where it should go. When they ran the cable, it was to the left hand wall after the door was opened. Not convenient at all,  thanks to the timber framing stopping it from going in as planned. We hated it, but we understood why it was moved.  However - the guys fitting off were different to the ones who roughed in, and they have fitted the switch in the right location.  Dunno how they did it, nor do we care - but we're rapt that it's in the right spot!

Aside from lights and power, we also got ducted vacuum points and the smart wiring completed. The tiles were delivered on Monday, and they've supplied the right ones... not that there is much to get wrong.  The waterproofers also came through on Tuesday and 'blued' up the shower recesses and bath hob.

We pushed PD a bit this week on a couple of outstanding items that don't seem to be getting the necessary action.  In particular, the cabinetry in the Bathroom and Ensuite hasn't yet been replaced. The stone benches are fitted on top, and with tiling ready to start - the ease in replacing them diminishes, which I can see ending up as a refund to us for the Crystal Gloss finish, because it's too hard to change.  On Friday we were told that the cabinet makers had been through to work out how much needed to be done in the shop compared to what could be done on-site.  This is to fix the finish, align the pot drawers and overhead cabinets.

We also want to change the rangehood model.  The one we chose initially was the Blanco BRC90BX, but we want to swap it for the BWC90X. PD have confirmad that the power spec is the same, and they were just verifying dimensions (which we've done and it's the same). Pics below.

So all in all, a productive week... and we're finalising fences, driveway and landscaping.

Final electrical plans

Tiles delivered... not many to just do the wet areas


Master BR.  This light will be going here.

Lounge lights

From Kitchen, looking at Dining, towards Entry

Waterproofed Ensuite shower

Alfresco, with fan to go where batten is

Single flood in side yard.  Should be double.

Wiring for Theatre.  There is an HDMI cable in the wall
that we'll pull through later.

Services cabinet in garage all wired, aside from Foxtel

Original rangehood (BRC90BX)

New rangehood (BWC90X)

Plan for next week:

Heating and cooling vents
Cabinetry fix

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Week 22 - Summary

Monday 16/4 - Sunday 22/4:

The painting and timber staining were done this week... Happy days!  The workmanship is superb, and we are struggling to see any defects in glancing light, especially in the front entry way.  The colour has come up a treat, and the staining of all the timber in Ash Brown is good too. We have noticed some 'clean up' marks on the architraves from the stain, which will have to get attended to. One sore point is how the front door and frame look in comparison to the rest of the timber. All the windows are a consistent colour, but the door and frame look very different. Not sure what our options are, as our SS put it down to the different types of wood - which we understand - but it's looking a bit average. There must be something that can be done to even it out.

On Friday, a plumber was back on-site to fix the drainage problem we have above our portico. Many weeks ago we had an issue with water on the internal garage wall, and last week there was water flowing down our front door (on the outside) after some rain. We raised the issue in early March with PD, and it was explained away as loose roof tiles which were now 'fixed'. Then last week - missing flashing was the reason.  When we went past the house on Friday evening, the lining at the bottom of the portico was all removed and it seems that the guttering and flashing was redone. The entry point to the down pipe which was meant to connect to the guttering above the portico was now fitted, but the cutout in the portico lining doesn't line up properly. I appreciate things can go wrong during construction, but they need to be fixed appropriately when raised, and to be honest, I'm a little bit over the BS on this matter. I've asked for a proper explanation... guttering and water drainage is a big deal! We'll be instructing our Independent Inspector to take special note of this area when it comes closer to handover.  Rant over.

In other news, the wardrobe guy came and measured up on Thursday, and we had our blinds appointment too. As we were reviewing drape colours for the Theatre Room, we had the carpet sample out, the couch fabric, and the drape, when we realised that the couch colour we had chosen was too light. So we got on the phone to the place making it to see if we could change the colour...  he called us back and by the skin of our teeth we were able to change it. They were about to cut the fabric! Everything else went to plan and we've selected a colour for all the Romans (cannot recall the exact name, but it is an 'oatmeal' colour if that helps), a colour for the shutters (Walnut and 90mm blades with clearview opener), and a dark charcoal/brown drape for the Theatre Room with a 200mm full wall pelmet. We've left the 2 bi-folds, the Foyer window and Laundry door without coverings.

We're also getting quotes for fencing and driveways, along with finalising our landscaping plans. We reckon we'll be close to PCI in about 4 - 5 weeks, and we're in no hurry to move in, so we won't be taking the house with anything left to fix, aside from the appliances. The handover point will be fairly and squarely in PD's court.

Monday 16/4 - Wednesday 18/4:

Timber windows stained, just waiting on the coloured render...

Friday 20/4:

Portico before. Note missing down pipe point.

Portico after the plumbers attacked it. Broken nogging and all :)

Hopefully this gets sealed up quickly, before any birds find this entry point.
Note the varied stain colour on the door / door frame.

Plan for next week:

Electrical fit off
Ducted heating / cooling fit off

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Week 21 - Summary

Monday 9/4 - Sunday 15/4:

Back in gear this week, and seeing the colour on the walls has been the best thing since getting the walls plastered!  We're happy with our colour selection, and the paintwork has been of fantastic quality... well worth the wait...

By the middle of the week, an undercoat had been applied, then colour to the entire house.  The doors were painted and re-hung too.  On the outside, the downpipes and meter box have been painted in c/b monument.

In addition, all of our stone benches were delivered on Tuesday, and they look excellent!

Very happy with the week's work, after the few slow ones that we had.  The painter should still be around for another week to finish off the inside, all the timber staining and the facade features - looking forward to all that happening.  Hopefully we can then crank straight into the tiles, electrical / plumbing fit offs etc.

Kitchen with cabinets looking a bit yellow thanks to plastic coverings.
40mm Mink Caesarstone across back bench and pantry.
40mm Organic White to the Island.

20mm Mink Caesarstone to Ensuite.
Cabinets still to be changed to Crystal Gloss finish.

20mm Mink Caesarstone to Laundry. Peruvian Clay cabinets overhead.

20mm Mink Caesarstone to Bathroom, also on wrong cabinet finish.

Family room, looking lovely in Wattyl's 'New Pearly Gates'.

Living area painted, with timber still to be stained.

View of entry way... love the amount of light that comes in.

Close up of the colour.

Plan for next week:

Finish painting inside
Sand and stain timber
Paint facade features

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Week 20 - Summary

Monday 2/4 - Sunday 8/4:

It pains me to say this, but this week's post is a lot like last week's post.  ALMOST nothing.

The painter was meant to kick off on Monday, wasn't going to be there on Tuesday, then in till completed.

No such luck.  He seems to have been in for a few hours during the week evidenced by the odd paint can floating around the house, and what seems like an undercoat applied to the ceiling of the entry, some work done on a couple of window architraves, and that's really about it.

On Saturday, I drove past the house and noticed a ute out the front, decided to have a sticky and lo & behold our painter was there...!  Had a good chat with him - nice guy!  Apparently, the plasterers had to come back to straighten up some walls in the Master BR / Ensuite so that slowed things down. He was there prepping the house (covering up the cabinets, wooden frames etc) so things can get going next week.  I hope he's right!

During the week, Leanne also organised check / measure appointments with the Blind (Kreative Design) and Wardrobe (U-Nique) suppliers.  That's on for Thursday 19/4.

On a separate note - we're now 20 weeks pregnant!  Lots of preparation and purchasing going on there to keep us busy :)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Week 19 - Summary

Monday 26/3 - Sunday 1/4:

Short update this week.  Here it is:


Waiting for the painter who is running a few days behind.  Although a call from our BC on Friday evening advised that he was there now and will be done by 4 April.

Pfft.  He wasn't there, so he won't start till Monday and highly doubt he'll be done by Thursday!

Plan for next week: