5 July - Driveway poured.
4 July - Fences completed. Floating shelves installed.
3 July - Front concrete poured.
2 July - Electrician fits off feature lighting and other small work. Fences continue.
1 July - Moving day.
29 June - Appliance Day! (all installed except for DV system and Rangehood). Rups starts staying.
28 June - Carpet tucked, skirting boards refitted.
27 June - Floorboards finished. Fences continue.
26 June - Floorboards continue. Fences continue.
25 June - Floorboards continue. Fences started.
22 June - Blinds & Wardrobes fitted.
21 June - Carpet laid.
20 June - Carpet underlay installed. Fence posts installed.
19 June - Floorboards continue.
18 June - Floorboards start.
17 June - Pack up skirting boards, paint mail box.
16 June - Second coat to skirting boards
15 June - Remove and paint skirting boards

Construction  (Total elapsed time - 208 days)


15 June - Handover!!
1 June - PCI
31 May - Telstra lead in trench dug.
30 May - Timber varnished, facade painted, Laundry stone re-cut for trough. Independent Inspection. House cleaned again.
29 May - Broom / Linen cupboard shelving completed.
26 May - Tiler returns to finish bath hob.
25 May - Rear sliding flyscreen doors fitted.
24 May - Mirrors fitted.
23 May - Splashback fitted, termite barrier completed. New BC.
22 May - Site cleaned, port-a-loo removed, rubbish cage emptied.
21 May - Perimeter security fence removed.
19 May - Showerscreens completed.
18 May - Showerscreens started.
17 May - Wet area joins caulked.
16 May - House cleaned and gas meter fitted.
15 May - Colour coat of render applied.
14 May - Downpipes connected to stormwater.
11 May - Door furniture fitted, Portico re-sealed, External carpentry completed.
10 May - Plumbing fit off completed.
9 May - Grout finished. Tiling completed.
8 May - Grout started. Garage door fitted.
4 May - Tiling continues. Rangehood holes cutout in kitchen.
3 May - Tiling continues.
2 May - Tiling continues. Heating and cooling vents fitted off.
1 May - Tiling continues (Laundry splashback, Ensuite shower base, Bathroom shower wall), Bathroom and Ensuite cabinets replaced with CG finish, Laundry trough & Bathroom / Ensuite sinks fitted.
30 Apr - Tiling started (Bathroom shower base, Laundry floor, Toilet floor).
26 Apr - Lights installed.
24 Apr - Shower recesses waterproofed. Powerpoints and light switches fitted off.
23 Apr - Data / TV / Foxtel wiring fitted off. DV points fitted off. Tiles delivered.
20 Apr - Guttering and flashing to portico removed and replaced. Portico lining board removed.
19 Apr - Wardrobe check / measure. Blinds colour selection and check / measure.
18 Apr - Staining completed. All painter's work done.
17 Apr - More stain to windows, bifolds started.
16 Apr - Stain started to windows
13 Apr - Internal doors re-hung.
11 Apr - Colour coat completed, internal doors painted, downpipes and meter box painted.
10 Apr - Colour cut in started, undercoat in entry hall completed.  Stone in Kitchen, Pantry, Bathroom, Ensuite and Laundry installed.
9 Apr - Ceilings painted, architraves started, undercoat in family room completed.
7 Apr - Windows / Doors / Cabinetry covered in preparation for painting.
4 Apr - Entry ceiling painted (undercoat).


21 Mar - Front projection eaves lined.
20 Mar - Plaster marked up in preparation for painting.
15 Mar - Render to front projection and alfresco completed.
14 Mar - Down pipes installed. Garage box gutter installed.
13 Mar - Skirtings and architraves fitted. Internal doors hung.
9 Mar - Cabinets fitted. Doors and architraves started.
8 Mar - Front projection rendered, Alfresco render started, internal doors, skirting, architraves & cabinetry delivered.
7 Mar - Bi-fold doors fitted to Alfresco.
2 Mar - Bricks cleaned.
1 Mar - Cornices fitted.
29 Feb - Site cleaned.
28 Feb - Plaster work continues.
27 Feb - Plaster sealing of gaps / screw holes etc.
26 Feb - Plaster boards completed.


24 Feb - Plaster boards started.
23 Feb - Bricks complete!
22 Feb - Bricks continue (alfresco complete, front projection started, sills started).
21 Feb - Lockup carpenter fixed inspection items, front door handle fitted, bricks continue (alfresco).
20 Feb - Bricks continue (North wall, alfresco).
17 Feb - Plaster and cornices delivered, Bricks continue (Front North wall complete).
16 Feb - Bricks continue (North wall and facade), wall mixers fitted.
15 Feb - Bricks continue (garage), insulation batts fitted.
14 Feb - Bricks continue (south side complete, east side started), Electrical roughed in.
13 Feb - Bricks started (south side).
10 Feb - Ducted Vacuum points relocated, external doors hung, CSDs hung, Foyer window fitted, walls straightened, bath hob completed, broken noggins fixed, Ducted Heating unit fitted.
9 Feb - On-site meeting with SS.
7 Feb - Mortar sand delivered, South side wrap fixed.
6 Feb - Bricks delivered (yay!), Shower bases fitted and waterproofed.
1 Feb - Ductwork complete, Evaporative Cooling unit fitted, correct size Foyer window delivered.
30 Jan - Heating / Cooling ducting started.
25 Jan - Shower drains fitted.
23 Jan - Ducted Vacuum poins fitted (wrong locations - SS to fix).
20 Jan - All items from Inspection resolved, Framing finished, Smart Wiring roughed in, Solar Panel fitted.
18 Jan - No roof work. Independent Inspection for slab and frame carried out.
17 Jan - Roofing continues, Water leak fixed.
16 Jan - Roofing started.
12 Jan - House wrapped, Roof tiles delivered, Safety rails installed.
29 Dec - Internal plumbing fitted, Smart Meter installed.
23 Dec - Guttering and Fascias installed.
21 Dec - Site cleaned, crushed rock put down. Guttering and Fascias delivered.


19 Dec - Framing completed. All windows and door frames fitted (aside from Foyer window - wrong size).
17 Dec - Aluminium windows (x8) and rumpus stacker door delivered.
16 Dec - Continuation of roof trusses.
15 Dec - Roof trusses started, timber windows (x7) and timber door frames (x6) delivered.
14 Dec - Garage framed, bracing completed, engineered support beams installed.
13 Dec - Internal walls completed.
12 Dec - First meeting with SS, External walls erected and internal walls started.
10 Dec - External walls constructed.
09 Dec - Framing continues, stud & noggin lengths cut.
08 Dec - Framing started, wall positions marked on the ground.
07 Dec - Electricity Meter Box fitted, Site cleaned, Framing wood delivered.


06 Dec - Slab poured.
05 Dec - Reo and waffle pods laid.
02 Dec - Slab boxing complete.
01 Dec - Slab excavation complete, slab formwork started. Reo and waffle pods delivered to site.
28 Nov - Under slab plumbing complete.
24 Nov - Cyclone fence delivered and put up.
23 Nov - Building envelope pegged out and electrical cables run.
22 Nov - Rubbish cage delivered.
21 Nov - Official Site Start date.
18 Nov - Port-a-loo delivered and site scrape.

Pre Construction

11 Nov - Signed off on construction drawings and building permit received.
19 Oct - Land settlement.
25 Mar - Contract appointment.
18 Mar - Electrical appointment.
18 Mar - Colour appointment.
01 Mar - Tender appointment.
11 Feb - Completed appointments with our sales sales agent (house type, siting, facade, variations).
05 Jan - Placed deposit with our sales agent for the Sandpiper 33.


  1. Hi Guys, we've been following your progress from the begining. Your house is coming along beautifully and will be lovely when completed. We wish you both lots of luck and happiness in your new home. I'm hoping I can trouble you with a question? We are building with PD in Mernda and have been advised by the developer to ensure that PD are making all the necessary fittings into the house for connection to both ADSL and the NBN (National Broadband Network). They tell us that this entails some kind of "Box" containing wiring etc which is usually fitted in the garage. This is the first I've head of it so I was hoping you many be able to shed some light on it given you're much further into the process than us. Any information you could give us would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, C.

    1. Hi there C,

      Thank you for your kind words! We hope it continues to come together, we're really happy with how things are going so far :)

      Good advice from the developer. Argus offer a 'Smart Wiring' package that allows for a fibre optic termination on the side of the house (like the NBN would provide), to make use of it to deliver services such as www, FTA TV, phone, Foxtel etc. The pack includes cabling from the side of the house to the garage, which then splits out all the different types of connections around the house. The pack starts at ~$1600 and gives you 2 x telephone, 2 x www & 2 x FTA TV to wherever you want them around your house. You can then think about your requirements and change the points / services to suit. Best to get in touch with your BC (if you're at that stage), or cover it off with your SC (who can give you some basic info - probably what I've given you here), talk to Argus now, or wait for your electrical appt. Feel free to ask us questions at anytime if you want more info! Good Luck!

  2. Hi
    we've being following your blog so far & just love the way your house is looking until now,good luck to both of you with the new house.if it is ok with you guys just want to ask a quick question.
    we have heard that during lockup we are not allowed inside...is it true:(....and since you guys have finished lockup stage, are you allowed inside to have a inspection how things are going on.
    we are building with PD the davenport in Caroline springs.just getting close to lock up.thank you for your time and good luck again!!

    1. Hi,

      'Technically' you are not allowed on the property at any stage during the build due to OH&S. We can have an inspection whenever we arrange one with our site supervisor. Tomorrow morning for instance, we are meeting him onsite as we have final measure ups with our blind and wardrobe companies. At the same time we will have a good look around and bring anything up we are not happy with.

      As far as 3rd party inspections go, we have had 2 so far (frame and pre plaster) and will have one more at PCI, we always arrange formal access with him for that.

      We are finding it more quite difficult now to get into the house, but every now and then a trade forgets to lock a door and we can sneak in for a peak. Our house is being painted at the moment and is very fumey, I (Leanne) am pregnant so can't go in, I just look through the windows :(

      I hope this has answered your questions, please feel free to ask anymore you may have.


  3. Hi Leanne

    Thank you for the information.
    good luck with the house and new bub!!!