Monday, 28 May 2012

Week 27 - Summary

Monday 21/5 - Sunday 27/5:

For all intents and purposes, the house is pretty much done! And it feels ready too with all the fencing, port-a-loo and rubbish cage gone as well, and the site scraped clean.  The place looks exactly how we planned it to look, so we're very happy campers!  Great job PD!

But, can't crack out the bubbles just yet (and Leanne will have to wait a fair bit longer too)... there are still a few more jobs to get done along with the post-PCI touch ups. Then we can sign off with PD, and get into the jobs to make this house our home.

The work this week saw the site cleared, the termite barrier installed (something I completely forgot about in my list), and the splashback fitted.  This was the last item to go in that represented all the 'personal choices' in the build and the one that was probably done with least confidence.  Trying to pick a colour which will look different against the glass and surrounding joinery / stone was quite difficult.  We were persuaded to change the colour from Spritzig Half to Bosco Blue by our colour consultant. It's come up alright... just needs to grow on us.

We also got a new Building Coordinator.  Our old one finished up, which I had an inkling of because there was no contact for a few weeks. Anyway, the new one seems pretty good.

The mirrors went in on Thursday, which basically finishes off the bathroom and ensuite, and the flyscreen doors went in on Friday.  The rest of the flyscreens still need doing.

Our SS has been through the house and put little stickers where things need touching up, which will be in addition to whatever our Independent Inspector comes up with on Wednesday and whatever we come up with at PCI on Friday.

Here are the jobs that still need doing:

* Mirrors
* Splashbacks
* Showerscreens
* Render Colour Coat
* Facade Painting
* Telstra Lead-In
* Gas Meter
* Flyscreens
* Site clean
* House clean
* Termite Barrier
* Facade lights
* Linen closet shelving

From a defects perspective, this is what needs attention so far:

* 2 blown downlights (entry & theatre)
* 1 of 2 fluoro tubes to be fitted in garage
* Damaged door handle and scuff plate (from brick washing acid)
* Kitchen pot drawers still at mismatched heights
* Alfresco flood light should be a double (only a single fitted)
* Ensuite external door handle needs replacing
* Stained mortar on facade
* Laundry trough replacement
* General paint touchups, mortar blowouts, and a couple of rough plaster joins

Splashback in!

Ensuite Mirror

Bathroom Mirror

Facade - still needs painting and downpipes

Finally get to see it without the OH&S stuff! Love it!

Upcoming dates:

30/5  - Independent Inspector
1/6    - PCI
8/6    - Planned handover
15/6  - When we reckon we'll get handover
18/6  - Floors & Fencing
21/6  - Blinds
22/6  - Wardrobes
25/6  - Concrete
2/7    - Move in
3/7    - Turf

Monday, 21 May 2012

Week 26 - Summary

Monday 14/5 - Sunday 20/5:

Not sure what corny line to start this week's post with, but the message is, 'nearly there!'

All work is traveling along nicely for a 1 June PCI, and our Independent Inspector is booked in for Wednesday 30 May.

We haven't had much communications from PD, unless we call them for something, which is a little disappointing, as there are a few question still outstanding.  Our SS wanted to gauge our flexibility on keeping the plastic laundry trough as it is apparently quite hard to change, but we're going with the Stainless Steel one for many reasons. Not sure why it's so difficult to swap over, but I guess that's not really our problem.

The downpipes around the house were connected to stormwater, but there are still downpipes to be fitted on the facade (only 1 of the 3 is in), and all 3 will require painting. The colour coat of render went on (Dulux 'Time Capsule') and looks fantastic!  Can't quite get the full picture on the facade as parts still require painting.  The house also got cleaned which has made a big difference to the windows, benches and sinks, and the gas meter was fitted.

And last, but not least, the showerscreens went in over Friday and Saturday.  We upgraded these from the standard Stegbar Softline style to their Grange semi-frameless ones...  well worth it!

So from the 'high-level' list of things remaining from last week:

* Mirrors
* Splashbacks
* Shower screens
* Render colour coat
* Facade painting (it was stopped when they realised they had a leak)
* Telstra lead-in
* Gas Meter
* Flyscreens
* Site clean
* House clean

We've finalised the landscaping plans (will post details during the week), organised the concreters and nearly sorted the fencing.  The furniture for the new house is on track for delivery and the floors, wardrobes and blinds suppliers are all booked in!  It's going to be a very busy 2 months, with a few weeks to settle in before bubs is due!

A door was left open on Friday night, so we were able to get in and take some pics...

Facade almost complete. Downpipes and some painting to go.

Facade - reverse angle :)

Ensuite almost complete - just need mirror.

Soooooo can't wait to use this :)
Massive kudos to the tiler.

Kitchen looking good. Love the Island Bench.  Splashback in this week 

Shot from Kitchen back through the house.

Laundry, waiting on proper tub.

Alfresco area now completed.

Sunlight changes the colour a lot!

Which bright spark thought it would be clever to drill the door stop into a $4000 door?!

So... cleary not much to go... hopefully next week's post celebrates practical completion!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Week 25 - Summary

Monday 7/5 - Sunday 13/5:

Getting excited now...!  The house is in the final stages of completion...!  Our BC gave us a PCI date of Friday June 1 and a Handover date of Friday June 8.  No problem with 1/6 - this is very achievable, but reckon 8/6 is pushing for it to be completed properly.  No rush for handover here, and no interest in having to chase them up for things for a month after.

Good number of trades made it through this week and got their stuff done.  The worst part about all of this, is the fact that we can't get in.  Every door is well and truly locked at the end of each day. So the photos that we can share with you this week are the ones Leanne got when she dropped in last Wednesday (her regular day off).

The tiler finished up on Wednesday after getting some extra tiles for the Laundry splashback return, and finishing off the grout.  Very happy with his work.

The garage door went up on Tuesday and adds a new dimension to the facade. The brand is not what is contracted (AGD Fineline Timber FX) but is an Eco Garage Door instead.  Obviously one company's definition of 'Walnut' is different to the next, so we're uncertain how much difference there is and if it matters.  So we're looking at the door at different times of the day in various light to come to a consensus. So far I'm tipping we're happy to keep it.

On Thursday the plumbers came through and installed all the taps, toilets, shower bits and front downpipe.  The portico was re-sealed on Friday, and the carpenters also filled in the small gaps above the bathroom window and rumpus doors and the brickwork.  Door furniture was also done on Friday (handles and stops - yes, we've bought some nice replacements from Bunnings).

So... very high level, we have the following to go:

* Mirrors
* Splashbacks
* Shower screens
* Render colour coat
* Facade painting (it was stopped when they realised they had a leak)
* Telstra lead-in
* Gas Meter
* Flyscreens
* Site and house clean
* post-PCI activities

Main Bathroom shower

Couple of tiles missing on hob. Waiting for plumbers to connect the bath.


Trough to be replaced with Stainless Steel tub

Nice big shower!

The door stops we bought from Bunnings, but less shiny

Garage Door...  looks a lot lighter in direct sunlight

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Week 24 - Summary

Monday 30/4 - Sunday 6/5:

Slow and steady this week, with the tiler settling in and working his way through the house. The tiled areas aren't extensive (wet areas + Laundry splashback) so we're a little surprised that we're not finished yet.  But - credit where it's due - the tiler is so careful and methodical with his work that we're happy for him to take as long as he needs. Our SS called on Monday morning when the tiler turned up to make sure the tiles were all good and how we wanted them laid and blended (the colour and veining in the tile varies significantly).

The cabinetry was also replaced with Crystal Gloss, so tiling could continue. Finally.

The sinks were installed in the Bathroom and Ensuite, and the Laundry trough was done too, but is in white plastic instead of Stainless Steel.  We weren't sure what to make of this (is it better or worse?), but have decided to contact our BC and ask for the stainless steel one. The heating and cooling ducts were also fitted off this week, and the holes for the rangehood were cutout - which we assume is due to the splashback guys coming through for a measure up.

The tiler also locks up the house every night, so we haven't had a chance to get any photos, but grabbed a few through the windows. If we get a chance this week, we'll post them up.

The return wall still needs to be done.
Not enough tiles were supplied. Floor done.
Plan for next week:

Finish tiling
Garage Door
Plumbing fit off?