Sunday, 12 June 2011

Brick change

We decided that the LaTrobe bricks weren't exactly what we wanted.  The Hawthorn from Austral's Melbourne 76 range was much more to our liking.  Unfortunately though, they are a Cat 6 brick! We got a quote to upgrade from our CSA, and it was a bit cheaper than we thought.  We had already paid $1,664 for the Cat 3 LaTrobe, and going to the Cat 6 Hawthorn was a further $2,573... so in it went as another PCV.

But... and there's always a but, we found out that Austral were no longer producing the Hawthorn due to manufacturing issues, and the replacement is the Hawksburn.  Just so happens that a house just a few doors up is being built with the Hawksburn brick, so we've popped a few pics here.  The bricks are yet to be cleaned, so will post more pics when that has happened:


Hawksburn as on Austral's website

Uncleaned Hawksburn

Uncleaned Hawksburn (a bit yellow due to the sunlight in the shot)

Uncleaned Hawksburn (also a bit yellow due to sunlight)


  1. Well done on such an informative blog! You have researched your project well and we'll watch with interest as your house (and Blog) grows. Well done again!