Sunday, 8 January 2012

Week 7 - Summary

Monday 2/1 - Sunday 8/1

Nothing this week, as expected, however we did have a little issue with water.  We popped by on Thursday evening to see if anything had happened and found pools of water throughout the house! I turned off the mains water, while Leanne looked for the source of the leak which she found to be a small hole in the black internal plumbing pipe which runs from the kitchen bench to the kitchen island. The hole was near the top of the cable, just under the capping.

We have no idea how it happened, but there are a fair few nails 'floating' around on site, so not sure if it was some rat bag kids...?

Anyway, took a couple of pics and sent them through to PD to get the pipe replaced.

Went back on Friday and it's pretty much all dried out.  Cleaned out some of the wet saw dust which had accumulated around the framework so it can all dry out properly.

Aside from that, our blog clicked over 10,000 page views!! Thank you to all who read our blog... hope you enjoy it!!

Thursday 5/1:

Plan for next week:

First independent inspection (slab / frame) with New Home Inspections
Roof tilers to start on Thursday
Contact Austral on Friday to see if the Elements Magnesium brick is back in supply (should be available from 10 Jan)

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  1. Congrats on the page views! There always seems to be some little thing go wrong on a building site doesn't there? Not to worry, it will all be worth in it in the end!