Saturday, 22 October 2011

Coco Republic Sale

Today we went to a Coco Republic sale at one of the closing Porter Davis displays. Up to 70% off!! The sale items were from the Cayman and Brooklyn display homes at the Keys Estate in Keysborough.

There were some great bargains, but you had to be there early as most off the stuff was gone within 30 minutes.

There was an awesome couch for a cinema room, it was in a " [ " configuration (3 modules x 6 x 2), normal retail price $11,500 for sale at $4,000. I just wish I had a room big enough for it.

Anyway, we ended up with an ottoman and chair for our bedroom. The ottoman will go in the WIR and the chair in the room. Retail price stated at $2,000 for the chair and $1,000 for the ottoman, we got them for $650 and $400 respectively.

Chair for Master Bedroom

Ottoman for Master WIR