Thursday, 6 October 2011

Finally our land has titled - come on settlement !

We received a call from our solicitor today and our land titled yesterday, with settlement on the 19th of October. It has been such a long wait (not really but it seems like that). 

Last time I went to have a look at the block I took our fluffy babies down (Kira and Chester) and Chester found the Wetlands and went straight in. It was a smelly drive home. 

Also our block has been stamped with our lot number and is properly pegged out. Next time we go we should take the tape measure. SO EXCITING !! 

Chester and Kira playing at the block

Chester rolling around after a stinky swim


  1. YIPPPEEEEEE! Surely the furry babies marked the block in their own special way....the first of many. Great news guys - about time! You'll be building before you know it and Paul and I will be inspecting your house and reporting back!