Monday, 14 November 2011

Final Drawings

We had our construction appointment last Friday and it went really well. Everything was sorted from the 7 PCV's. The few things that were not done were fixed in minutes. Being all good, we signed them off. We had everything that needing amending from our contract drawings highlighted, so it was just a matter of cross referencing it all.

Our slab structure was modified due to more accurate soil surveying, the site is still classed as a P. The 60 piers from the original drawings are gone and we have some strengthening around the slab perimeter instead.

Our building permit is in and out site start is the 21st of November !!!

We are both just soooo excited. Bring on the port-a-loo !!!

Here are some of the final drawings:



West (Front) and North Elevations

South and East Elevations

Kitchen, Pantry and Ensuite Elevations

Bathroom and Laundry Elevations 



  1. What a stunning house, you will have the classiest house in the area. Looks like you have upgraded heaps.

    Looking at ur plans the bifold doors need to be collapsed every time u want to go outside. Have u considered one leaf opening in the opposite direction which acts as a door? My mate has the same configuration and it drives him crazy.

    Can't wait until you start to build.

  2. Thanks for your comments T :-)

    We have it so the first leaf is actually on a normal hinge to the second leaf which locks into the frame. With a normal handle. This only happens on the 5 leaf bifold so it can be opened like a door. The 4 leaf we have to open the lot.