Sunday, 27 November 2011

Week 1 - Summary

Monday 21/11 - Sunday 27/11

Site Start came with a whole lot of excitement for us! We started our building journey on day one of 2011, and it has taken us 47 weeks to get to this point.

Leanne & I generally believed that building a house could do more damage than good, especially when we considered the stories of our friends and family. However, I always had a deep seated sense of wanting to build our own home, and Leanne really admires a beautifully designed and decorated house. What could possibly go wrong?!

We've both learnt a great deal about homes, construction, the building industry and decorating over the last year, and when we look back to some of our initial notes on what we wanted in our new home, they are quite amusing!

Driving around to so many parts of Melbourne looking at bricks, and colours and fittings seems like a world away now, and we hope all the effort in bringing our selections together, gives us the result we are after... and when you wait so long to start on site, you can't help but second guess yourself.  It almost makes the journey a bit unreal because it is all just on paper... "are we ever really going to build this thing!?"

But here we are... and the sense of relief and excitement that has come with the following innocuous activities is quite incredible!

Progress from 24seven

Friday 11/11:
Signed off Construction drawings and Final Variations List, and received building permit.  Couldn't get a site start date as their systems were dead.

Monday 14/11:
Call from BC advising site start date was booked for Monday 21/11.

Friday 18/11:
Port-a-loo delivered and site scraped.

Monday 21/11:
SS calls to introduce himself and we have a quick chat about what to expect over the coming weeks.  Slab pour booked in for Thursday 1/12.

Tuesday 22/11:
Rubbish cage delivered.

Rubbish cage & port-a-loo

Wednesday 23/11:
Electricity cables run and building envelope staked.

Stakes and electricity

Thursday 24/11:
Security perimeter fence installed.

Cyclone fencing

Plan for next week:

Slab formwork
Slab pour