Sunday, 3 June 2012

Week 28 - Summary

Monday 28/5 - Sunday 3/6:

The countdown to Handover is on! A stack of work was completed this week, which ended with our PCI (Practical Completion Inspection) meeting on Friday.

Downpipes need painting, and that ugly as sin rainhead
is to be replaced with something smaller and square.
We started by going through the items noted within our Inspector's pre-handover report from Wed, with pretty much all things accepted by our SS to fix.  Some he won't / can't fix (eg: the smaller of the 2 Master BR doors has a rattle, but it's because of the locking mechanism into the frame, not because the door is faulty, and can be fixed by putting a tiny rubber spot into the frame to absorb any movement - Item 16 below), which is fine with us, but all items were addressed.  We then went through each room together pointing things out, then around the exterior.

The main things picked up in our walk around are:

* Paint touch ups.  Little things all over the place.
* A handful of minor electrical things.
* Some paint / render splashes on the gutters / fascias at a few spots around the house.
* Some of the cornice joins to the ceiling in the family room aren't plumb and require attention.
* Replace the rainhead on the facade gutterwork.
* The Laundry requires new stone, as the new hole they cut for the trough ended up being too big!

A copy of the report from New Home Inspections is below:

So the final fix list is the items above, plus what we picked up, which is mainly paint related or just general clean up. This is what has to be rectified for a happy handover....which will definitely not be this Friday 8 June.

Our SS is pretty certain he can't get the stone in the Laundry replaced & one of the bifold doors replaced within the week.

Contemplating the things that need fixing, it's all fairly minor and generally cosmetic.  All things going well, we should have handover on 15 June!

The furniture companies are calling saying our stuff is ready, and all the post handover trades are now booked in, and we've agreed the fencing with our neighbours which is great!  Can't wait to get cracking on all the finishing work, and move into our beautiful new home!


  1. Very excited guys, really looks great

  2. Good luck for tomorrow, if it's D-Day for you!!! Very exciting times ahead :)

  3. Hi Leanne, been visiting your site every week.. Your house is beautiful and looking forward to your updates :)


  4. Congrats on the inspection - it sounds like everything went really well! Can't wait to see you move in xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)