Monday, 28 May 2012

Week 27 - Summary

Monday 21/5 - Sunday 27/5:

For all intents and purposes, the house is pretty much done! And it feels ready too with all the fencing, port-a-loo and rubbish cage gone as well, and the site scraped clean.  The place looks exactly how we planned it to look, so we're very happy campers!  Great job PD!

But, can't crack out the bubbles just yet (and Leanne will have to wait a fair bit longer too)... there are still a few more jobs to get done along with the post-PCI touch ups. Then we can sign off with PD, and get into the jobs to make this house our home.

The work this week saw the site cleared, the termite barrier installed (something I completely forgot about in my list), and the splashback fitted.  This was the last item to go in that represented all the 'personal choices' in the build and the one that was probably done with least confidence.  Trying to pick a colour which will look different against the glass and surrounding joinery / stone was quite difficult.  We were persuaded to change the colour from Spritzig Half to Bosco Blue by our colour consultant. It's come up alright... just needs to grow on us.

We also got a new Building Coordinator.  Our old one finished up, which I had an inkling of because there was no contact for a few weeks. Anyway, the new one seems pretty good.

The mirrors went in on Thursday, which basically finishes off the bathroom and ensuite, and the flyscreen doors went in on Friday.  The rest of the flyscreens still need doing.

Our SS has been through the house and put little stickers where things need touching up, which will be in addition to whatever our Independent Inspector comes up with on Wednesday and whatever we come up with at PCI on Friday.

Here are the jobs that still need doing:

* Mirrors
* Splashbacks
* Showerscreens
* Render Colour Coat
* Facade Painting
* Telstra Lead-In
* Gas Meter
* Flyscreens
* Site clean
* House clean
* Termite Barrier
* Facade lights
* Linen closet shelving

From a defects perspective, this is what needs attention so far:

* 2 blown downlights (entry & theatre)
* 1 of 2 fluoro tubes to be fitted in garage
* Damaged door handle and scuff plate (from brick washing acid)
* Kitchen pot drawers still at mismatched heights
* Alfresco flood light should be a double (only a single fitted)
* Ensuite external door handle needs replacing
* Stained mortar on facade
* Laundry trough replacement
* General paint touchups, mortar blowouts, and a couple of rough plaster joins

Splashback in!

Ensuite Mirror

Bathroom Mirror

Facade - still needs painting and downpipes

Finally get to see it without the OH&S stuff! Love it!

Upcoming dates:

30/5  - Independent Inspector
1/6    - PCI
8/6    - Planned handover
15/6  - When we reckon we'll get handover
18/6  - Floors & Fencing
21/6  - Blinds
22/6  - Wardrobes
25/6  - Concrete
2/7    - Move in
3/7    - Turf

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