Sunday, 11 March 2012

Week 16 - Summary

Monday 5/3 - Sunday 11/3:

Interesting week... a few milestones achieved, a few things needing attention, and a few things plain wrong.

Nothing happened on-site until Wednesday, when the bi-fold doors got fitted.  Nine cedar doors wrapped around the alfresco, and wow - they look great!!  That makes the house well and truly locked up and now we can't get in...

On Thursday, the first coat of render to the front projection got done, and a tiny bit of the alfresco was started too. The internal doors, bath, skirting and architraves were also delivered. Later that evening, all the cabinetry turned up. It seems well made (we were able to get into the house that evening), and the handles are already on and fitted correctly. But... there are a few mistakes.  The cabinets in the bathroom and ensuite should also be finished in laminex Crystal Gloss. The cabinets that were delivered were in the standard Lamiwood finish.  Also, the pot drawers in the kitchen were to be of the same dimension across the bottom row (i.e. all 380mm tall), but they aren't and it looks silly.  We emailed our BC on Thursday night, hoping she could stop the install of the bathroom and ensuite units on Friday, but she was away.  Oh well.  They still look pretty good (peering through windows). They'll get fixed soon enough.

We may also have the wrong BIR sliding doors delivered.  They have grips that run the full length of the door, instead of the finger pulls.  Again, easy fixed.

We still don't have a clear resolution for the plaster that got wet last weekend, aside from a flimsy "there were some loose roof tiles". Not good enough.

All in all, we are happy with the build, and things like cabinetry and other parts of fixing are really starting to make the house our own.

Wednesday 7/3:

Bi-folds fitted

Thursday 8/3:

Deliveries galore
Bathtub ready to go 
Kitchen cabinets

Laundry overhead cupboards, in Peruvian Clay 

Skirting / Architraves and bulkheads

Friday 9/3:

Cabinetry fitted.
Ensuite cabinetry - to be replaced with Crystal Gloss finish (thru window)

Kitchen cabinetry. Corner looks odd, but we
will wait till we can get in to see if it's a problem (thru window) 

Kitchen close up - notice the pot drawer height mismatch (thru window) 

Glimpse of the Pantry cabinets (thru window) 

Unfinished facade going through its ugly phase

Plan for next week:

Fit off doors / architraves / skirting
Eave lining boards
Fix the cabinets
Finish render


  1. Looking good... your ensuite cabinet looks huge!

  2. Love it, can't wait to read your next update

  3. Those bi-folds look amazing! Sorry to hear about the hiccups. We've had a few along the way and they're usually fixed up pretty quickly, fingers crossed for you too :)

  4. Love the bifolds and bricks, they look amazing.
    Awaiting your weekly update.

    Mews (Rob)