Sunday, 25 March 2012

Week 18 - Summary

Monday 19/3 - Sunday 25/3:

Funny business this house building caper.  The ebb and flow of 'progress' is intriguing.  We are now ready to paint, which is fantastic, but reflecting on the week, nothing really happened, as we wait for our preferred painter to become available!  On balance, we're pretty happy on how things are moving, and with the quality of the work. That's probably the most important thing.

This week saw the carpentry get finished, and the plaster marked up for all items that need attention.  Oh, and the fixing invoice was sent.  Upon payment, we'll have shelled out 90% of the construction cost, but not yet had 90% of the work done.

Tuesday 20/3:

Plaster marked up in preparation for painting.

Wednesday 21/3:

Portico and eaves lined, projection sealed.

Friday 23/3:

Fixing Invoice received.

Portico & eaves lined.

Facade, with projection plyboard installed.

Northern aspect of house.

Bathroom, with incorrect finish on cabinets (and some nice holes in the bath hob)

Ensuite, with incorrect finish on cabinets. 

Hallway, from BR2. 

Sticker on Kitchen Island bench.

Plan for next week:

Fix cabinetry

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