Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Week 17 - Summary

Monday 12/3 - Sunday 18/3:

Sorry about the late post this week.  We moved house over the weekend, and only now have the time to blog about last week's work.  The move went well, and the new place is better than the old one... and is really close to the build :)

Not a whole lot got done last week.  The chippy was back to hang the internal doors and finish off the skirting boards. The downpipes are all fitted and the guttering behind the garage facade was completed. The render has also been completed to the front projection and alfresco area.

The cabinetry errors have not yet been rectified, but the sliding doors have been corrected.

Looking to organise a walkthrough in the next week or so, just prior to painting, which should't be too far off.  Apparently our SS is waiting a week or so to get his preferred painter in.  We've seen the work they've done in a friend's house up the road, and it's great - so happy to wait.

Rough completion date is mid to end May...

Tuesday 13/3:

Skirting and Architraves completed. Doors hung.


Dining and Family

Wednesday 14/3:

Zincalume downpipes fitted, which look kinda funny.

Thursday 15/3:

Render to front projection and alfresco completed.

2nd coat complete

Plan for next week:

Eave lining boards
Cabinetry to be fixed
Prep for painting

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