Monday, 21 May 2012

Week 26 - Summary

Monday 14/5 - Sunday 20/5:

Not sure what corny line to start this week's post with, but the message is, 'nearly there!'

All work is traveling along nicely for a 1 June PCI, and our Independent Inspector is booked in for Wednesday 30 May.

We haven't had much communications from PD, unless we call them for something, which is a little disappointing, as there are a few question still outstanding.  Our SS wanted to gauge our flexibility on keeping the plastic laundry trough as it is apparently quite hard to change, but we're going with the Stainless Steel one for many reasons. Not sure why it's so difficult to swap over, but I guess that's not really our problem.

The downpipes around the house were connected to stormwater, but there are still downpipes to be fitted on the facade (only 1 of the 3 is in), and all 3 will require painting. The colour coat of render went on (Dulux 'Time Capsule') and looks fantastic!  Can't quite get the full picture on the facade as parts still require painting.  The house also got cleaned which has made a big difference to the windows, benches and sinks, and the gas meter was fitted.

And last, but not least, the showerscreens went in over Friday and Saturday.  We upgraded these from the standard Stegbar Softline style to their Grange semi-frameless ones...  well worth it!

So from the 'high-level' list of things remaining from last week:

* Mirrors
* Splashbacks
* Shower screens
* Render colour coat
* Facade painting (it was stopped when they realised they had a leak)
* Telstra lead-in
* Gas Meter
* Flyscreens
* Site clean
* House clean

We've finalised the landscaping plans (will post details during the week), organised the concreters and nearly sorted the fencing.  The furniture for the new house is on track for delivery and the floors, wardrobes and blinds suppliers are all booked in!  It's going to be a very busy 2 months, with a few weeks to settle in before bubs is due!

A door was left open on Friday night, so we were able to get in and take some pics...

Facade almost complete. Downpipes and some painting to go.

Facade - reverse angle :)

Ensuite almost complete - just need mirror.

Soooooo can't wait to use this :)
Massive kudos to the tiler.

Kitchen looking good. Love the Island Bench.  Splashback in this week 

Shot from Kitchen back through the house.

Laundry, waiting on proper tub.

Alfresco area now completed.

Sunlight changes the colour a lot!

Which bright spark thought it would be clever to drill the door stop into a $4000 door?!

So... cleary not much to go... hopefully next week's post celebrates practical completion!


  1. Looks beautiful guys! This is the hardest part, sitting watching hardly any action. Fingers crossed it all goes well with your PCI :)

    1. Hi Poochie,

      I know, it seems like nothing is being done. PCI is on the 1st of June and they have so many little things to do. How are you enjoying your house?

  2. looks good.Only question i have, are you going to tint or put blinds in the front door for privacy purposes ?


    1. We think we will keep it as is to let lots of light in. We are not too worried about privacy, if someone wants to look up the hall, they can.

      If it becomes an issue will will get it frosted.

  3. Remodeling your bathroom doesn't have to be a budget-buster. Rather than gutting your bathroom and starting from scratch, think of ways to improve what you already have, and come up with design ideas you can implement yourself.

  4. Hi Guys, we are looking at building with PD and have our contract apt in 2 weeks we wanted frameless but only now after reading your blog, I can see you can get: Grange semi-frameless ones. which looks nicer than the std PD give you.

    Can you let me know how much of a upgrade this was? Did you do all your bathrooms?

    1. Hi BRuno,

      We got the Ensuite and Bathrooms both upgraded to the Grange Inline Semi-Frameless. The cost for both was $767.

      The Ensuite shower is 1500 x 900
      The Bathroom is 900 x 900

      There are details of our Tender and Contract docs earlier in our blog.

  5. Awesome shower! Love the clean lines of the shower screens. Would you recommend having tiles all the way to the ceiling?

    1. It was something we thought about later and would have done it if we could.

  6. Hi Rups....

    Very nice house:)...Can you please tell me,With your benchtop inside the laundry, did you put a hole to make way for water discharge hose from washing machine to the sink located at the top?as our case, PD said it wasn't their responsibility to put a hole on the benchtop.

    Thank you

    1. Hi... thanks! As our Laundry benchtop runs the entire length, and the trough drops into it, there is no hole for the washing machine waste to come up through the bench. Instead, there is a hole in the cabinet work under the trough (next to the Front Load washing machine) that the outlet hose runs through. It then connects directly to the pipe work under the trough. Hope this makes sense. Drilling the hole in the cabinet side is very easy, but any trade who comes over to your place for say Appliance Day could drill it for you.

      If you are catering for a Top Load washing machine, our type of bench wouldn't work, you'd need one that left an opening. In that case you can pass the hose straight into the trough.