Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Week 25 - Summary

Monday 7/5 - Sunday 13/5:

Getting excited now...!  The house is in the final stages of completion...!  Our BC gave us a PCI date of Friday June 1 and a Handover date of Friday June 8.  No problem with 1/6 - this is very achievable, but reckon 8/6 is pushing for it to be completed properly.  No rush for handover here, and no interest in having to chase them up for things for a month after.

Good number of trades made it through this week and got their stuff done.  The worst part about all of this, is the fact that we can't get in.  Every door is well and truly locked at the end of each day. So the photos that we can share with you this week are the ones Leanne got when she dropped in last Wednesday (her regular day off).

The tiler finished up on Wednesday after getting some extra tiles for the Laundry splashback return, and finishing off the grout.  Very happy with his work.

The garage door went up on Tuesday and adds a new dimension to the facade. The brand is not what is contracted (AGD Fineline Timber FX) but is an Eco Garage Door instead.  Obviously one company's definition of 'Walnut' is different to the next, so we're uncertain how much difference there is and if it matters.  So we're looking at the door at different times of the day in various light to come to a consensus. So far I'm tipping we're happy to keep it.

On Thursday the plumbers came through and installed all the taps, toilets, shower bits and front downpipe.  The portico was re-sealed on Friday, and the carpenters also filled in the small gaps above the bathroom window and rumpus doors and the brickwork.  Door furniture was also done on Friday (handles and stops - yes, we've bought some nice replacements from Bunnings).

So... very high level, we have the following to go:

* Mirrors
* Splashbacks
* Shower screens
* Render colour coat
* Facade painting (it was stopped when they realised they had a leak)
* Telstra lead-in
* Gas Meter
* Flyscreens
* Site and house clean
* post-PCI activities

Main Bathroom shower

Couple of tiles missing on hob. Waiting for plumbers to connect the bath.


Trough to be replaced with Stainless Steel tub

Nice big shower!

The door stops we bought from Bunnings, but less shiny

Garage Door...  looks a lot lighter in direct sunlight

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