Sunday, 8 May 2011


After completing the colours appointment, we were straight into the electrical one.  We'd spent some time developing the standard plans to what we wanted - the placement of switches, downlights, power, TV, phone, Foxtel and data points.  This should have made the appointment a lot faster (like the couple who started and finished their appointment in 20 minutes!), but it didn't.  It still took us 2 hours!

Aside from what we planned, we added about 10 more downlights, chandelier provisions (a batten light fitted to a specifically placed nogging) for a feature light in the Master Bedroom, above the Dining Table and for a fan in the Alfresco.

They offered us a ducted vacuum system, which we weren't overly interested in... until we saw the sweeper kick panel (fitting a foot operated slider to the kick panel in the kitchen, which is connected to the ducted system so you can sweep straight into it).  We both found it incredibly awesome, so bought the 4 point DV system to get it :)

Ducted Vacuum points.
The staff at Argus Technologies (PDs Electrical contractor) were fantastic.  Our consultant was patient, efficient and knew what she was talking about.

In addition to the diagrams here, there is some speaker cabling for rear speakers in the 'rumpus' room, and also cabling to the Alfresco for some in ceiling speakers.

Saltwater Coast is part of Telstra's Smart Community, which means the traditional copper lines to the house, aerial and satellite dish on the roof are history.  Telephone, internet, free-to-air (FTA) and Foxtel are all delivered over fibre optic cabling which is terminated on the side of the house.  Even though we are locked into Telstra as the service provider, there are some pretty incredible features that come with the technology, such as internet speeds of up to 100Mbps (average ADSL 2+ is 10Mbps if you're lucky).

So all cabling in the house for these services come back to a cabinet in the garage, which is connected to the fibre optics on the side of the house.

We've spec'd the following services:

FTA - Master Bed, Rumpus, Family and BR4
Telephone - Study
Foxtel - Rumpus and Family
Data - 2 in each of Study, Family and Rumpus

The budget for our electrical selections was $5,000.  We spent $8,790 (with the DV at $1,957).

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