Sunday, 1 May 2011


We took all of our samples to National Tiles to give us a fighting chance of picking the right tiles, and luckily had a great consultant to guide us through.  The tile we thought we'd go with was shown the door, and after a bit more to'ing and fro'ing, we landed on these selections:

Floor and skirting tile (Bathroom, Laundry, Ensuite):  Elementi Terra (440x440)
Shower walls & niches, bath hob, bathroom & ensuite splashback:  Elementi Terra (440x440)

Elementi Terra porcelain tile (440x440)

Laundry splashback: Caffe Latte (100x300)
Laundry splashback feature strip: Nature Glass Mosaic Blend (25x25)

Something mocked up in Word to provide an indication of the Laundry splashback.
The dark tile in the mosaic is not black but a very dark grey / brown.

All trims are in polished silver, and the Elementi Terra tile will use a grout of almost matching colour.

The total cost for tiles was $4949 (The Elementi Terra cost was an additional $125 per M2 laid).

$51 under budget... woot!

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