Sunday, 29 April 2012

Week 23 - Summary

Monday 23/4 - Sunday 29/4:

I think it's a finishing line that we can now see... As more of the tasks get crossed off the list, without a commensurate defect list, the time to call the place our own is fast approaching!

All the electrical fit off is now complete, and all in the correct spots.  Only a couple of things left to do:

- 1 of the 2 fluoros in the Garage is missing (they've fitted off a junction box instead).
- Speaker cabling at the rear of the Home Theatre has not been fitted off.  Little holes cut out only.
- 2 downlights blown (1 x ensuite, 1 x home theatre)
- Alfresco has a single flood installed instead of a double

For the amount of electrical stuff we got done, this ain't bad. One niggling issue from the rough in was the location of the light switch for BR3.  Check out the plans I've reposted below showing where it should go. When they ran the cable, it was to the left hand wall after the door was opened. Not convenient at all,  thanks to the timber framing stopping it from going in as planned. We hated it, but we understood why it was moved.  However - the guys fitting off were different to the ones who roughed in, and they have fitted the switch in the right location.  Dunno how they did it, nor do we care - but we're rapt that it's in the right spot!

Aside from lights and power, we also got ducted vacuum points and the smart wiring completed. The tiles were delivered on Monday, and they've supplied the right ones... not that there is much to get wrong.  The waterproofers also came through on Tuesday and 'blued' up the shower recesses and bath hob.

We pushed PD a bit this week on a couple of outstanding items that don't seem to be getting the necessary action.  In particular, the cabinetry in the Bathroom and Ensuite hasn't yet been replaced. The stone benches are fitted on top, and with tiling ready to start - the ease in replacing them diminishes, which I can see ending up as a refund to us for the Crystal Gloss finish, because it's too hard to change.  On Friday we were told that the cabinet makers had been through to work out how much needed to be done in the shop compared to what could be done on-site.  This is to fix the finish, align the pot drawers and overhead cabinets.

We also want to change the rangehood model.  The one we chose initially was the Blanco BRC90BX, but we want to swap it for the BWC90X. PD have confirmad that the power spec is the same, and they were just verifying dimensions (which we've done and it's the same). Pics below.

So all in all, a productive week... and we're finalising fences, driveway and landscaping.

Final electrical plans

Tiles delivered... not many to just do the wet areas


Master BR.  This light will be going here.

Lounge lights

From Kitchen, looking at Dining, towards Entry

Waterproofed Ensuite shower

Alfresco, with fan to go where batten is

Single flood in side yard.  Should be double.

Wiring for Theatre.  There is an HDMI cable in the wall
that we'll pull through later.

Services cabinet in garage all wired, aside from Foxtel

Original rangehood (BRC90BX)

New rangehood (BWC90X)

Plan for next week:

Heating and cooling vents
Cabinetry fix


  1. Looks fantastic, I love the rangehood you have reselected

  2. Hi!

    Been following your blog / posts for a while. Just looking at your services cabinet. Is this they way you wanted the install? E.g. were you charged for StarServ in your contract ~ $1600? Did It also say about the IR repeater function.. (mine does)

    The reason I ask is because I would have expected to see something like this?

    The setup you have looks very difficult to change patching for your phone line to connect to your existing data points around the house without legally getting a sparky in... The SmartServ is supposed to allow you to just change the patching without requiring that.

    Another small item I noticed that your sparky has used cable ties, this is a bit of a faux pas as cat cable should only be joined with Velcro due to the pressure the cable ties place on the pairs also the cables should not ever twist around each other... this might be acceptable in the BCA for home buildings but certainly not where I work in data centre environments..

    Sorry don't mean to sound negative I might be wrong and you have other plans with this but looking at that I am curious what’s going on there..

    1. Thanks Vaughan. The contract documentation isn't clear on the exact type of termination in the cabinet (slimline cabinet with IR compatible hub...?). I'm going to contact Argus on what should be in there, then go back to PD if it's different. I'm not too fussed about the ability to re-patch services around, but if we've paid for the functionality, then w expect it. I hear you on the cable ties too... I'll change it to velcro myself later...