Sunday, 15 April 2012

Week 21 - Summary

Monday 9/4 - Sunday 15/4:

Back in gear this week, and seeing the colour on the walls has been the best thing since getting the walls plastered!  We're happy with our colour selection, and the paintwork has been of fantastic quality... well worth the wait...

By the middle of the week, an undercoat had been applied, then colour to the entire house.  The doors were painted and re-hung too.  On the outside, the downpipes and meter box have been painted in c/b monument.

In addition, all of our stone benches were delivered on Tuesday, and they look excellent!

Very happy with the week's work, after the few slow ones that we had.  The painter should still be around for another week to finish off the inside, all the timber staining and the facade features - looking forward to all that happening.  Hopefully we can then crank straight into the tiles, electrical / plumbing fit offs etc.

Kitchen with cabinets looking a bit yellow thanks to plastic coverings.
40mm Mink Caesarstone across back bench and pantry.
40mm Organic White to the Island.

20mm Mink Caesarstone to Ensuite.
Cabinets still to be changed to Crystal Gloss finish.

20mm Mink Caesarstone to Laundry. Peruvian Clay cabinets overhead.

20mm Mink Caesarstone to Bathroom, also on wrong cabinet finish.

Family room, looking lovely in Wattyl's 'New Pearly Gates'.

Living area painted, with timber still to be stained.

View of entry way... love the amount of light that comes in.

Close up of the colour.

Plan for next week:

Finish painting inside
Sand and stain timber
Paint facade features

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