Sunday, 8 April 2012

Week 20 - Summary

Monday 2/4 - Sunday 8/4:

It pains me to say this, but this week's post is a lot like last week's post.  ALMOST nothing.

The painter was meant to kick off on Monday, wasn't going to be there on Tuesday, then in till completed.

No such luck.  He seems to have been in for a few hours during the week evidenced by the odd paint can floating around the house, and what seems like an undercoat applied to the ceiling of the entry, some work done on a couple of window architraves, and that's really about it.

On Saturday, I drove past the house and noticed a ute out the front, decided to have a sticky and lo & behold our painter was there...!  Had a good chat with him - nice guy!  Apparently, the plasterers had to come back to straighten up some walls in the Master BR / Ensuite so that slowed things down. He was there prepping the house (covering up the cabinets, wooden frames etc) so things can get going next week.  I hope he's right!

During the week, Leanne also organised check / measure appointments with the Blind (Kreative Design) and Wardrobe (U-Nique) suppliers.  That's on for Thursday 19/4.

On a separate note - we're now 20 weeks pregnant!  Lots of preparation and purchasing going on there to keep us busy :)


  1. How disappointing that your painter is taking so long! I hope he does a good job at least, to compensate for the waiting!

    Very funny that your build is the same number of weeks as your pregnancy! I think our bubs has been 'building' a week or so longer than our house ;)

    Hope the pace picks up for you in the coming week.


    1. Thanks Nat! The painter has been in since Monday and has done a great job. And we can see the colour too - looks fantastic, which is a relief!

      Yes - bubs is the same age as our house... very cute :)

  2. I swear this part feels the hardest with not much action happening, but it'll get there. Our house seems to have just been sitting there for the last couple of weeks, except for the smallest things being done.

    Congratulations on the baby! Very exciting times ahead. You know where to come when it's time for newborn photos ;)

    1. I was already thinking of you Kelly, I love your pics.