Sunday, 22 April 2012

Week 22 - Summary

Monday 16/4 - Sunday 22/4:

The painting and timber staining were done this week... Happy days!  The workmanship is superb, and we are struggling to see any defects in glancing light, especially in the front entry way.  The colour has come up a treat, and the staining of all the timber in Ash Brown is good too. We have noticed some 'clean up' marks on the architraves from the stain, which will have to get attended to. One sore point is how the front door and frame look in comparison to the rest of the timber. All the windows are a consistent colour, but the door and frame look very different. Not sure what our options are, as our SS put it down to the different types of wood - which we understand - but it's looking a bit average. There must be something that can be done to even it out.

On Friday, a plumber was back on-site to fix the drainage problem we have above our portico. Many weeks ago we had an issue with water on the internal garage wall, and last week there was water flowing down our front door (on the outside) after some rain. We raised the issue in early March with PD, and it was explained away as loose roof tiles which were now 'fixed'. Then last week - missing flashing was the reason.  When we went past the house on Friday evening, the lining at the bottom of the portico was all removed and it seems that the guttering and flashing was redone. The entry point to the down pipe which was meant to connect to the guttering above the portico was now fitted, but the cutout in the portico lining doesn't line up properly. I appreciate things can go wrong during construction, but they need to be fixed appropriately when raised, and to be honest, I'm a little bit over the BS on this matter. I've asked for a proper explanation... guttering and water drainage is a big deal! We'll be instructing our Independent Inspector to take special note of this area when it comes closer to handover.  Rant over.

In other news, the wardrobe guy came and measured up on Thursday, and we had our blinds appointment too. As we were reviewing drape colours for the Theatre Room, we had the carpet sample out, the couch fabric, and the drape, when we realised that the couch colour we had chosen was too light. So we got on the phone to the place making it to see if we could change the colour...  he called us back and by the skin of our teeth we were able to change it. They were about to cut the fabric! Everything else went to plan and we've selected a colour for all the Romans (cannot recall the exact name, but it is an 'oatmeal' colour if that helps), a colour for the shutters (Walnut and 90mm blades with clearview opener), and a dark charcoal/brown drape for the Theatre Room with a 200mm full wall pelmet. We've left the 2 bi-folds, the Foyer window and Laundry door without coverings.

We're also getting quotes for fencing and driveways, along with finalising our landscaping plans. We reckon we'll be close to PCI in about 4 - 5 weeks, and we're in no hurry to move in, so we won't be taking the house with anything left to fix, aside from the appliances. The handover point will be fairly and squarely in PD's court.

Monday 16/4 - Wednesday 18/4:

Timber windows stained, just waiting on the coloured render...

Friday 20/4:

Portico before. Note missing down pipe point.

Portico after the plumbers attacked it. Broken nogging and all :)

Hopefully this gets sealed up quickly, before any birds find this entry point.
Note the varied stain colour on the door / door frame.

Plan for next week:

Electrical fit off
Ducted heating / cooling fit off

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