Sunday, 10 April 2011

The beginnings of our house

With the ideal block of land secured, we had decided to build PD's Sandpiper 33.  We had always liked PD homes, mainly due to our experience with them going back a few years when we considered building, so we didn't even bother looking at any other builders this time.

The basic floorplan for the Sandpiper

The main reason we liked this house is the openness of the layout, and how all the living areas wrap around the alfresco and yard.

We also had to get the house flipped to allow for the Alfresco to be on the North.  This also meant the land developer had to relocate our crossover to the opposite side of the block, which was easy enough to do (and didn't cost anything) as the subdivision was still just a paddock.

PD sited the flipped house on the block and all seemed to fit within Estate Guidelines.

Siting plan after being flipped


  1. Hi Rups & Leanne,
    I've just started reading your blog and am already impressed. One question...who did you need to contact to have the crossover flipped? PD or the developer and who was your developer?

    1. Hi Joseph,

      Our land was still only a plan of subdivision when we bought it. We knew the house had to be flipped to make the most of the northerly aspect, and were assured by the Developer (FKP, via agent Oliver Hume) that the civil construction plan could be changed at no cost / penalty or delay. A few emails between our land sales agent got it sorted fairly easily.