Sunday, 10 April 2011

Found a house... need to find land

From what we know, people generally find a block, then find a house for it.  We didn't. We'd seen a Porter Davis house at a nearby display that was perfect.

So we began chatting to the sales team at Porter Davis (Saltwater Coast), and found that they had exclusivity on some blocks in a Builder's Release that had just come onto the market (4 Jan 2011), and amazingly, there was one 16m x 32m (512m2) block in their allocation that would fit the house we liked !

We put a hold on the block ($1000) with PD on 5 Jan 2011, which would stop any of their other sales staff selling it. We also went to the Land Sales office (FKP is the Developer) to get copies of contracts. After a quick review by our Solicitor, we went back on Saturday 8 Jan 2011 to sign the contract and pay a $5000 deposit to them, with the total price of the block at $323,500.  We'll pay the balance once we have finance approval. Titling is tentatively scheduled for June 2011.

Now we're serious!

Our block is in there somewhere

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