Sunday, 17 April 2011

The first visit to Hopetoun Interiors

While our SC was putting together a quote, we decided to visit Hopetoun Interiors.  Little did we realise, this was to be the first of many trips!  Hopetoun is open on the weekends for general browsing, offering the opportunity to ponder:

* Bricks
* Roof tiles
* Guttering / fascia / downpipe / window colours
* Mortar finishes
* Floor coverings (wood / carpets)
* Renders
* Garage doors
* Internal / External doors
* Door handles
* Glass types
* Cabinet finishes
* Caeserstone
* Splashback colour
* Cabinet handles
* Skirting
* Cornice
* Tapware (kitchen / bathroom / laundry)
* Toilets
* Basins

So clearly, you need to give yourself a few hours, and don't go there hungry / thirsty / tired / hungover as there is a lot to 'discuss'.

The staff there on the weekend are pretty good, and you are given a 'wishlist' document to fill in with your ideas for your choices.

Each selection is defined as standard or upgrade (and the associated category), but there is no pricing - not even indicative, which can be a little annoying if you are working to a specific budget.

If you have seen something you like at a PD display, you can ask the crew at Hopetoun for the details.  Something we were going to go and do, and as we live in Point Cook - there are a lot of nearby displays.

Our first go at Hopetoun

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