Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Getting the flooring sorted

After a bit of research, we moved away from Embelton for the wooden floor and chose Mosowood. Mainly because they specialise in Bamboo flooring and have a wider range of colours.

From the samples available, we seemed to be leaning towards their 'Brown Mallee' distressed bamboo.

Mosowood Brown Mallee Distressed

We wanted to find it in a bigger sample lay, so we could get a better feel of what it will look like. Their website indicated their showroom at:

Display 238 - Home Ideas Centre
1686 Princes Hwy, Oakleigh East, VIC

When we got there, the Brown Mallee floor didn't look how we thought it would. It was a bit shiny and too uniform, and reflected badly in the light.  However, their office floor was covered in an even darker bamboo called 'Walnut' (recently renamed from 'Wild Rivers'), and we both loved it! It is a really deep, earthy, brown colour.

Mosowood Walnut, almost looking black in this picture
With an unexpected change in flooring, we now have our carpet and floorboard agreed.  This will help us build up the rest of our colour selections.  We got a quote from our supplier for this board, the Godfrey Hirst Molasses carpet and the highest spec Dunlop underlay - total $17,500.  We paid 10% deposit which will hold the price until we need it laid in April 2012.


  1. Hey guys, loving the blog so far!

    Looking at your floors and my wife and I are having the same dilemma. We've had our heart set on a bamboo called Brown Sugar (similar to Brown Mallee) both being the distressed look. My wife has now told me she likes Walnut (same as your Walnut/Wild Rivers).. I'm guessing you haven't had your floors laid yet, but what made you choose the darker floors? I would love the darker floors but am worried about it being too dark. It almost does look black unless there's some kind of light on it. The look we're going for in the kitchen/dining/living is the French provincial look with our kitchen being in this style. It's all open plan.

    What company/supplier did you end up going with? Have heard of alot of suppliers and prices do vary.

    This decision making is hurting my head :)


    1. Hi Vince :)

      Basically we went out to a showroom where the Mosowood is displayed with the intention of making sure the Brown Mallee was okay. To our disappointment we found it to look too artificial and very dull. You must look at it laid in a big piece (at least 5mx5m) to get a good idea of what it will truly look like.

      On our way out we saw a beautiful bamboo laid in the salesman's office, we both loved it straight away. Asked the man and he said it was Mosowood - Wild Rivers AKA Walnut.

      I think a dark floor would suit your French Provincial theme beautifully. If you keep your walls and cabinetry light it will look amazing. Over a large piece it didn't look black to me. We saw the Mosowood - Black Opal laid and it has a distinct difference.

      We are getting ours from Flooring Xtra in Point Cook. The sales guys name is Mathew, he is lovely. http://www.flooringxtra.com.au/

      Have a look at these couple of links. If your wife ever watched Brothers and Sisters and loved Nora Walker's house, then she will love the dark floors.


      I hope this helps,