Monday, 18 April 2011

Quote #1

Got our first quote - just added $60K to the base price!  LOL!  Time to review it closely...

As you can see, we've spec'd up the house a fair bit, and for the SC to document it all to this standard on the first go - he's done a great job.  We pushed the point on the $2,000 Fixed Price Guarantee and asked them to honour their price until 31/10/11 without the fee, and they did. So far so good.


  1. Hi Guys!

    We love your blog, its been very helpful as we are going to be building the Sandpiper.

    Are you able to assist us with the cost of your Alfresco bifold doors? We see that quote 1 has $7000ish for one bifold but we were wondering what the cost of the second one was as we weren't able to find it in your quotes or blog.

    Hope you can help :)

    Chanz & Matt

    1. Hi Chanz & Matt,

      Congrats on building the Sandpiper! It's an awesome house... we haven't come across anyone else building one, so would love to know more about your journey!

      We have 2 bifolds, a 5 leaf and a 4 leaf.

      The 4 leaf was included in our promotion at the time (3200 x 2100). We opted for the 3300 x 2340 (to match 9ft ceilings) for an additional $701. Looking back at the documentation, the base cost for the door is $4728 in 3200 x 2100.

      You are correct about the 5 leaf door (3300 x 2340) is $7275.

      Good Luck!

  2. Thanks guys! We are looking forward to building and will probably have further questions as they arise if that is ok?
    We are located in Melton so not too far from you.