Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Great Brick Fiasco

We are becoming so annoyed with BRICKS!!

Originally we decided to go with Austral LaTrobe bricks, then we decided they were not quite right so we changed to Hawthorn in a PCV.

We found out these were discontinued (from Humble) and let our BC know, she told us they were still available. Just in case, we decided we could go with Hawksburn which is the replacement. After seeing a couple of houses with these we decided Hawksburn were too light, as we want a really dark brown brick.

At our construction drawings appointment our BC still said Hawthorn were available, so we were really relieved.

Last Friday we received a call to say Hawthorn are now discontinued, please choose another brick. LaTrobe are also discontinued.

The problem being: we can't find a suitable brick in the PD Austral range. If we make our brick lighter then all our other external selections will have to change. We tried the Boral avenue, but, no go !

So PD have come back to us and said we can go to Cat 7 at no extra cost, which is no help as they are all light. PD then said we can have any Austral brick we like (it doesn't have to be on the Hopetoun list or a Victorian brick). I spent some time today on the phone to Austral to find a dark brick that was actually displayed in Victoria.

EUREKA !!! We have a brick.

It is from the Elements range - Magnesium. I saw it on a house today and it looks great, the base colour blends in well. We still have to tell our BC, so fingers crossed it all goes well.

Elements Magnesium

Elements Magnesium up close


  1. U r so lucky, they r a $10k upgrade on ur house. I was going to choose them. I. Love this brick and surfmist windows, gutters and fascias look fantastic with these bricks

  2. Ah, another great brick fiasco. I am too familiar with this! We had chosen the Latrobe to begin with, then the Hawthorn and ended up with the Selkirk Tawny Heritage (which only arrived on site yesterday after a 4 week delay in getting them).

    You are lucky that they are paying the cost of the upgrade! I love the Elements Magnesium but for a 2 storey house they were wayyyyy to expensive an upgrade.

    Happy Bricking from here on in!