Monday, 5 December 2011

Week 2 - Summary

Monday 28/11 - Sunday 4/12

This week saw the setup of the earthworks, ready for a slab pour which was originally scheduled for Thursday 1/12.  Unfortunately, the rain over the weekend caused delays at other jobs for the concreters, so we got pushed back to Tuesday 6/12.

Leanne jumped the gun a bit and posted some pictures of the plumbing and formwork in the post below, so I won't double up on them here.

Monday 28/11:
Under slab plumbing installed.

Thursday 1/12:
Slab excavation complete, formwork started. Reo and Waffle pods delivered to site.

Friday 2/12:
Slab boxing complete.

Completed slab framework

Plan for next week:

Reo and waffle pods laid
Slab poured
Electricity meter box fitted
Framing started

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  1. Progress is a good thing. Hope u get ur slab poured this week.

    Pls update us with ur progress posts coz I will be a regular reader.