Sunday, 18 December 2011

Week 4 - Summary

Monday 12/12 - Sunday 18/12

Just like last week, great weather kept things moving along.  We kicked off the week with an 8am onsite meeting with our SS.  This was the first time we were meeting him and wanted to put a face to the name and vice versa for him.  We're both very comfortable with him and his approach to the job at hand.  So, big tick for him and PD!

We also ran through some of the little things we wanted done, and how best to tackle them over the course of the build.  Most things he could take care of, some he could assist with (such as getting an extra course of tiles around the ensuite shower to take it up to the ceiling, by leaving a couple of packs of tiles on-site and the tiler's details) and some we just couldn't do (like bringing our own, bigger rain showerhead).

We also dropped off some fruit mince pies for him and the framers, who seem to be taking a great amount of pride in their work and doing a wonderful job.

By the end of the week, we have 95% of the framework complete (including the roof), and have some facade features and the windows / doors to go.

Walking around the house, in its barebones frame, is wonderful.  It feels just like we imagined it would and some of the features such as our raked ceiling are just fantastic!

Monday 12/12:

External wall frames start to be erected whilst we were on-site in the morning.

And when we came back in the evening, all external walls were complete and some internal walls were up too.

View of facade. Master BR on the left, Garage on the right

View from edge of Portico, just waiting for our big pivot door!

Kira and Chester being builder's assistants... View from Lounge / Alfresco to Kitchen / Family

Tuesday 13/12:

Framing continues with internal walls completed.

Looking good!

Looking at the Home Theatre room, with the city skyline in the background

A lot of the internal walls around the bedrooms and bathroom

Wednesday 14/12:

More framing around the garage and wall bracing completed.

View of Alfresco and Dining from side yard

Thursday 15/12:

Roof trusses started, and timber door frame and windows delivered to site.

Raked ceiling in Lounge, looking towards Alfresco where we will have a 5 leaf timber bifold

Side view

5 leaf and 4 leaf bifold

Timber window frames ready for fitting. Timber door frames right at the back.

Friday 16/12:

After having a good look at the frame work on Thursday, we believed a slab of beer for the guys was definitely in order.

I popped in on Friday morning to see how they were going and to drop off some beers, and they were putting the garage roof together.  They think they'll be all done by Monday and were waiting for the aluminium window frames to turn up.

We're so happy with the work these guys have done, and a slab of beers was the bare minimum we could do for them.  They were very humbled by the gesture, and were hoping all goes well with the frame inspection! With the care they've taken, I'm sure it'll pass with flying colours!  We hope all our trades are this awesome!  They also wanted to know when we'd tell them where the additional noggins would go, so we'll get onto that on Sunday afternoon and go see them on Monday morning.

Saturday 17/12:

The aluminium window frames have turned up.  These are going in the ensuite toilet, lounge, bathroom, toilet, Home Theatre sliders, and BRs 2, 3 & 4.

Glad that they are stacked neatly and with some protection.

Sunday 18/12:

Popped in to mark up the noggin locations for a handful of weighty items... ready for Monday!

Plan for next week:

Finalise our bricks - yes we're still screwing around with them. PD are reluctant to let us choose the Elements Magnesium... but we're not backing down on it. They don't have a good reason, and we've done our homework directly with Austral.
Complete framing
Install windows and doors
Break for Christmas!!

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