Sunday, 11 December 2011

Week 3 - Summary

Monday 5/12 - Sunday 11/12

Great weather this week ensured we got plenty done!  We are very happy with the pace and quality of the construction.  We also got a chance to meet the framing guys who were working on Saturday, and interestingly are building the frames by hand.  We got our first invoice this week and got our head around the progress payment process, along with putting in the last of our own contribution to the build cost!

Awesome week!

Monday 5/12:
Reo and waffle pods laid into excavation.

Ready for concrete pour

Tuesday 6/12:
Slab poured.

Taken from Master BR (front of house)

Taken from Rumpus Room (rear of house)

Wednesday 7/12:
All the excavated dirt has been spread out around the site and all rubbish removed. The electricity meter box has been fitted and framing wood has been delivered.

Thursday 8/12:
Framing started with the outline of the walls marked out, and template lengths cut.

Taken from Dining Room

Taken from Ensuite

Friday 9/12:
More framing work with the majority of the studs and noggins cut, ready for nailing.

Saturday 10/12:
Frames nailed together ready for erecting early next week!

Framers hard at it on Saturday

All their good work - looking at the Home Theatre

More of their good work - Looking at Master BR / Ensuite / WIR

Plan for next week:

SS Meeting on Monday to go through some of the finer details
Mark up of additional noggin locations (towel rails, cocoon heater, etc)
Framing completed
Gutters and fascia (?)

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