Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Week 5 - Summary

Monday 19/12 - Sunday 25/12

A nice roll into the Christmas break this week, with framing complete, a site clean and the gutters fitted off.  We also resolved the lingering brick matter in our favour, which is a relief!  There won't be anymore action on-site until mid January when our roof tiles are scheduled.

So far, we are very happy with our progress, and look forward to seeing it all come together next year!

Monday 19/12:

Framers on-site finishing off the roof, adding in our extra noggins, and fitted the doors & windows. The foyer window that was delivered was the wrong size (2100mm tall instead of 2400mm tall), so that will need to be resolved next year.

Master BR window (from inside)

Family and Dining 1800x1800 picture windows

Entry - waiting for the 1200mm pivot door

Completed Frame

Invoice received by email at 3pm!

Wednesday 21/12:

Site has been cleaned, with all building rubbish removed from the block and surrounding areas, and the cage emptied.  Crushed rock has been delivered all around the site as well.

CB Monument gutters and fascias have been delivered to the garage.

Thursday 22/12:

Received a call from our BC confirming that we can use the Elements Magnesium brick! Good one PD, common sense has prevailed! However, it comes with a couple of disclaimers.

1. Austral are out of stock and do not expect availability until mid-February.  This will most likely result in PD claiming delays.  Not a big deal for us, as it may extend handover by a week or two, worst case.

2. If Austral do not provide the bricks by mid-February, and we are delayed until March / April, PD may apply penalty interest to our contract. Slightly annoying, but we will cross that bridge when / if we get to it.

3. They cannot lay Cat 1 bricks to the rendered areas due to the fact that most of the render work finishes on corners, however, they have decided to not charge us for the upgrade to Cat 9 where there is render underneath. This is a fair compromise in our opinion and a great gesture on their behalf.

To validate the delivery date, I contacted Austral.  They advised that the entire Elements range is due for new stock on 10 Jan, so all going well, they will be available prior to the roof tiling starting, which is scheduled for 13 Jan.  I will be calling Austral on the 15th to confirm availability.  I think PD were hedging their bets when they said mid-Feb for availability.

All in all, a good outcome... although we wish the Hawthorn brick was still available...

Friday 23/12:

Gutters and fascias fitted off.

Plan for next week:

Nothing!!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and best wishes for 2012!!