Sunday, 19 February 2012

Week 13 - Summary

Monday 13/2 - Sunday 19/2:

Solid week of progress, with the brickies kicking off bright and early on Monday.  By the end of the week, they're probably 70% complete, and we're absolutely rapt with how good they look and well they're laid!

The sparkies came through on Tuesday and roughed in all the power and lights, and the insulation went in on Wednesday night.  Pity about the storm on Thursday evening, but it looks like we got away without any damaged batts.  Everything seems to have gone in to plan, aside from the light switch for the ensuite toilet, which was placed outside the room, and directly behind where we intend to place our heated towel rails.  I'm going to walk through the house this evening and check it off to plan.

Our SS met us back on-site on Tuesday to triple-check the placement of the front door handle, which gave us a chance to chat with the sparkies and bribe them with a slab of beers to run some extra power leads for additional things we need done after handover (projector & motorised drape in home theatre, heated towel rails in bathroom & ensuite).  Much easier to have the power cabling there now, as this causes the most pain for the sparkies later.  Also gave one to our SS for being a legend :)

The wall mixers got fitted off on Thursday, and PD's inspectors came through as well, marking a bunch of things that need fixing.

Monday 13/2:

Bricking on the South & East sides of the house.

Day 1 bricking on South side of house

Day 1 bricking on East side of house

Tuesday 14/2:

More bricking and electrical rough in.

South wall bricks completed 

South / East corner

More work on the East wall

Electrical in the Home Theatre 

Electrical in the Kitchen

Wednesday 15/2:

Garage bricked & insulation batts fitted.

Garage wall

Facade started

Insulation batts through Alfresco into Lounge
Thursday 16/2:

Bricking on North side and Wall mixers.

Bricking off WIR

Mixer for Ensuite shower
Friday 17/2:

Plaster delivered, more bricking!

East wall bricking - nearly complete

North WIR wall complete, with some of the HT wall started

Facade slowly coming together

Plan for next week:

Finish Bricking
Lockup (24 Feb)
Inspection rectification (BSS & NHI)

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