Sunday, 5 February 2012

Week 11 - Summary

Monday 30/1 - Sunday 5/2:

Yet another slow week...!  Had a quick chat with our SS on Monday morning to get the latest on our bricks, and to book an on-site meeting.  According to him, the bricks are still scheduled for 9/2, but the office is struggling to book in the order for some reason.  SS reckons Austral are well aware that he wants them, so he's not too worried - if we miss this batch because someone can't do their job, heaven help them. Site meeting also booked in for 9/2 @ 8:30am.

No solid confirmation yet on when the Ducted Vac system will be re-done, and we also got advised that the heating unit we have (the standard Brivis 2PW26) does not support zone control (for which we paid $534 in the contract), and we need to shell out another $644 for the MX30i which does. Not happy, but cannot be bothered arguing the point.

We also got a price for 3-coat paint, which is $1950.  Most evidence seems to point to the fact that it is a much better finish, so we'll probably go ahead with that too...

On a slightly more positive note, we organised some more furniture this week.  A new 3 seater and arm-less 2 seater from King Furniture's Phoenix range (Package reduced from >$7,000 to $3,000) for the Lounge room.  We also bought lounges and tables from their new Outdoor range for the Alfresco. The staff at the Richmond store were very helpful, and we're excited about having their furniture in our house!

We really only have to organise light fittings for the 3 bedrooms (we've already got one for the Master), another coffee table for the Lounge and bedside tables for our room. Everything else has either been bought or selected for purchase a little later.

So what actually got done this week?  The ducted heating and cooling ducts went in to the roof space, and the evaporative unit got fitted too.  Happy to report that the ducts have ended up pretty much bang on where the plans had them, and the cooling unit was fitted neatly and plumb - we have seen plenty that don't look like they're fitted properly.  The incorrectly sized foyer window that was delivered way back in early December was collected and a replacement provided, which now needs to be fitted.

Monday 30/1:

Heating and Cooling ductwork started.

Ducts in Lounge with raked ceiling

Wednesday 1/2:

Ductwork completed, cooling unit fitted and correct foyer window delivered.

Return Air duct, and proper window for fitting

Cooling Unit

Plan for next week:

Brick delivery
Fix the Ducted Vac system?


  1. I love the sofa that you bought from king's furniture :) Hope that you bricks will arrive soon and soon have some walls :)

  2. Thanks Cuppycake... our bricks ended up being delivered on Monday 6/2, earlier than we expected!! Hopefully next weeks update shows some laid.

  3. With the Brivis Mx30i, what remote unit did PD provide you? Was it the Networker or the Controller?
    One tip...I'm looking at your ducting and it looks very much like what builder has installed in this (rental) I am living in. We had some issues recently ($1200 gas bill). The "ties" they had used to suspend the ducting in the attic could not support the weight of the ducts + the insulation and the ducting had separated from the joints. It may be a good idea to go up there and use some stronger supports (maybe flex. metal strips) and support the joints as well.

  4. Hi Joseph,

    PD provided us with the Network Controller at no additional cost. It was actually part of our promotion.

    Thanks for the tip re: duct connections. We will definitely check it out.