Sunday, 12 February 2012

Week 12 - Summary

Monday 6/2 - Sunday 12/2:

A fantastic start to the week that set the scene for the rest of it! After nearly a month of little progress, this week made up for it in droves, with our bricks turning up earlier than expected! Received a phone call from our SS at 9am Monday to advise that our bricks were being delivered that day... and that the brickies were getting started a few days later!  That triggers a range of trades to get the house past lockup and to fixing asap.

With the bricks turning up on Monday, the sand came on Tuesday and the pallets were split on Wednesday, ready for a Friday kick off.  In addition to this, the showerbases were fitted & waterproofed, and the sisalation wrap that got wrecked on the south side after our stormy weather last Sunday was fixed.

We had an on-site meeting with our SS on Thursday morning to see how things were tracking and what the next steps were.  We also went through anything that needed attention.  I must say, our SS is very pragmatic, and keen to make sure everything is done properly.  The plan over the next few weeks is for the bricks to be complete by 24/2, with door delivery and a visit by the fixing carpenter on Friday 10/2.  The sparkies are in on Tuesday 14/2 to rough in and the batts go in on Thursday 16/2.

On Friday, our huuuge front door was installed, along with the other external doors and the cavity sliding doors.  The proper foyer window was also fitted, the bath hob was made, and the walls were straightened, which also resulted in some of the wrecked noggins being replaced. The new ducted heating unit went in too.  The brick layers were on-site ready to start, but must have been called off as no bricks actually got laid.  In some other good news, the Ducted Vacuum points all got relocated to the exact spots we specified in our plans!! Good job PD!!

Got a call on Friday afternoon from our BC to give us a construction update. Nothing new aside from the fact that they will be claiming lockup on 24/2, even though the bi-folds won't be installed (due to potential damage and theft), which doesn't really bother us. Fixing about 2 weeks later.  In her experience, she reckons to prepare for a handover in May...

Monday 6/2:

Not quite tired of saying it just yet, but... Bricks!!


Ensuite showerbase (1500 x 900)

Main bathroom showerbase

Tuesday 7/2:

Sand delivered, wrap fixed.

Wrecked wrap, after storm

Fixed wrap, and sand ready for brickwork 

Friday 10/2:

Doors, Ducted Vacuum, Foyer Window, Ducted Heating unit

Love it!

Foyer window fitted, Door from ensuite to yard

Ready to brick...!

Ducted Heating Unit

Facade - slowly coming together

Plan for next week:

Electrical rough in


  1. Wow, what great progress in a week! You house is looking fantastic :)

    1. Thanks for you kind words Anna, we just can't wait to see the brick up :)

  2. Replies
    1. We love the door, preferred it to double doors. More light and really like the feel of opening it :-)

  3. HUGE front door - love it! Looks like we're both at the same stage pretty much, will be interesting to see when handover actually is!

    1. Hi Kelly, Where are you building and with who? Are you on homeone? Just had a look at your blog, fantastic pictures :)

    2. We're building with PD also, in The Basin (eastern suburbs of Melbourne). Wait til you get the plaster installed, they work sooooo incredibly fast it's not funny!!!

      You're actually following our building blog, it's the Forestdale 26.

    3. So sorry Kelly/Poochie I got confused, when I clicked on your name it took me to your photography blog. Which is amazing.

      Talk about fast, I just popped by on my way home from work and half the house is bricked and there is a man in there installing the insulation. The electrical wiring is also done.