Sunday, 26 February 2012

Week 14 - Summary

Monday 20/2 - Sunday 26/2:

Good weather for the week kept things cranking over, and we got to lockup, as scheduled, on Friday.

The brickies finished off the outside on Thursday, and some activity on the inside, with the lockup carpenter rectifying inspection items and fitting off the front door handle; and the plasterers getting the sheets up too!

It's been an incredible journey, watching the paper plans materialise into what is basically now our house! With paint, cabinetry and fixtures to be done, it shouldn't be too long till we see all of our long considered selections come to life!

In other news, we find ourselves in a situation which we knew was possible, but never wanted to face.  Our rental is sold, and we have to move.  Over the past 4 months, we have been holding Saturday morning opens for the house we are renting. With the market being soft, and the vendor wanting an unrealistic price, it dragged on a little, but it did prolong our stay in the house.  Our lease ends on March 18, and we did raise our situation with the agent / landlord early in the week to continue on a month by month basis until mid June, or sign a 3 month lease.  This was agreed to in principle, and the sales agent advised he would do his best to get an extended settlement if the property sold.  Well, after 4 months of trying to sell, the owner accepted an offer, but on strict 70 day settlement terms. The new owners need to move in at settlement, which is 26 April - not negotiable.  This puts us in a very difficult situation, so we have decided to put in our obligatory 28 day notice to vacate, and move out by 22 March (no more money for you Mr. Landlord), and try and find a place to rent for 3 to 4 months - a challenging task.  But we do have a few contacts in the real estate world who we are calling upon, and they think we do have a couple of options.  Packing and moving is never fun, and having to do it in these circumstances is a big deviation from plan... but, eyes on the prize... we'll get through it.

Some positive news we would like to share... Leanne is 14 weeks pregnant and our first baby is due on the 24th of August!! We're both very excited, as are our families!! 

Thursday 23/2:

Brickwork complete.

House bricked, front door handle done.

Close up of facade. Projection to be rendered in Time Capsule.

Alfresco. All visible walls to be rendered (Time Capsule). 2 x Bi-folds to be fitted.

Sunday 26/2:

Walls plastered.


Alfresco looking at Lounge / Laundry Door / Foyer Window

Side Yard looking at Alfresco / Kitchen / BR Hallway / Lounge

From BR2, down hallway to BR3, BR4, Toilet & Bathroom

Main Living area


Master WIR

From Foyer looking at Lounge raked ceiling
Plan for next week:

Plaster finished (gaps, joins, screw holes, straightening)
Brick Washing
Architraves & Skirting


  1. Rupesh, you are now qualified to be a PM in the residential building industry. A role very much needed yet rarely appreciated.

  2. WOW.. your build is flying along. The front looks amazing.

    Your front door handle and lock is in the exact same position as mine.

    cabinets should be installed this week.

    1. Hey T,

      I had to meet the SS on site one morning to specify exactly where I wanted it. Great minds think alike :)


  3. City West Removals from East Keilor is a great removals company when it comes time to relocate. Cheers Weza

    1. LOL Wes,

      If we get the rental up the road from the build, I think moving from our current place will be your last job for us. I don't think we will need to hire you again to go 300 metres up the road. We can just push things on skateboards ;-)


  4. A congratulations on your big news! And your house is coming along beautifully :)

    1. Thanks Anna, it is becoming a very exciting year.

  5. congrats on the big news.... all the best for you guys

  6. the brickwork is pretty bad little cuts in the sills easy to get out splits under the sills why can u make the header longer ugly cuts in brick panels I hope u didn't pay them