Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Week 10 - Summary

Monday 23/1 - Sunday 29/1:

Not a lot to report this week, given it was a short week with Australia Day on Thursday. The roofing was finished off on Monday as expected, and the Ducted Vacuum system went in as well. Unfortunately, all the points are in the wrong locations! Obviously we raised this with our SS who was surprised the DV guys even came through. He was aware of our preferred locations (we gave him a marked up floorplan when we first met him), and says he'll sort it out.  Let our BC know too, just so there's no excuses later. The shower drains were also completed on Wednesday.

Spoke with Austral and the bricks are still scheduled for 9/2, and we popped into the Richmond display centre on Friday to have another look (just in case!)... still happy with them and the latest stock report has them deliverable on 9/2 still. Let's hope it stays that way!!

The houses around us are absolutely flying up (Carlisle, Urban Edge & PD Lifestyle / Access). Some that started after we did are past lockup and nearly ready to paint... Bring on some progress next week!!

Monday 23/1:

Roof complete, ducted vacuum system fitted.

DV point in the hallway in front of the Master BR.

Wednesday 25/1:

Shower drains fitted.

Plan for next week:

Ducted Heating & Cooling
More Electrical

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